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Increasingly serious pollution of the atmospheric environment, rising global climate, changing rainfall patterns, extreme weather events such as a series of environmental climate problems, constantly affects People's Daily life, also affects the whole ecological environment system, and at the same time, but also intensified the global turmoil, hunger, poverty, conflict and other challenges. In such severe situation forced by seeking alternative of fossil energy and renewable resources, building of renewable energy in biomass pellet machine clean energy system is imperative.
As countries on energy consumption structure change and improvement of energy conservation and emissions reduction, development of renewable energy has caused the attention of the whole society, in the face of the current environmental climate change and fewer traditional fossil energy, biomass energy development calls for mounting. In recent years in our country is promoting the development of renewable energy, in the national energy strategy planning (2014-2020 "will promote the energy transformation as the top priority, such as wind, solar, nuclear, biomass renewable energy set new development goals, the development of new energy will usher in a golden development. Biomass energy as the fourth leading global use of energy, is considered by relevant personage is most likely to replace fossil energy and renewable energy, at the same time, the biomass energy is the only can be used as a chemical or oil substitute energy.
同时,我国生物质资源丰富,具备大规模利用生物质能源的条件,最新的政策动向显示生物质能源在“十三五”中作为可再生能源的主体地位确立,2020 年生物质能在可再生能源中占比将达到30%,超过光伏和风电的总和,可以预期继光伏、风电之后,生物质颗粒机将迎来一个快速发展机遇期!
At the same time, China's abundant biomass resources, have the requirement of large scale utilization of biomass energy, biomass energy according to new policy trends in "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" as the subject status of renewable energy, biomass energy in the renewable energy accounted for 2020 will reach 30%, more than the sum of solar and wind power, can be expected after pv, wind, biomass pellet machine will usher in a rapid development opportunity!
Now, with the total energy production and consumption continues to increase, the fossil energy development and utilization of a large number of cause tension of energy resources, environmental pollution and global climate change problem increasingly prominent, in biomass pellet machine clean energy as the main body of a new wave of energy revolution, is under the call of the global energy revolution, gradually occupy the leading position of energy change, the development of clean energy brought about by the ecological benefit, economic benefit and social benefit will be to support the sustainable development of the society of our country.
Henan songshan machinery manufacturing co., LTD. For more than ten years focused on biomass granule machine, sawdust pellet machine, such as straw pellet machine design research and development, henan biomass pellet machine industry earlier one; With strong production experience and technical strength. Company is committed to promoting biomass pellet machine series new energy machinery research and development, the protection of resources, to improve our living environment, improve air quality, resolve the shortage of agricultural and industrial coal fuel opened up a new path.




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