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A lot of people don't understand what are the advantages and benefits of using biomass pellet machine, today we will talk about.
Function of biomass granule to agriculture and forestry processing wastes such as sawdust, straw, rice husk, bark of biomass as a raw material, through pretreatment and process, the curing forming for high density of pellet fuel, is an ideal fuel to replace kerosene, to save energy and reduce emissions, has the good economic efficiency and social benefits. Is a kind of high efficient, clean and renewable energy.
随着我国对能源与环境的踪合治理,生物质颗粒的炉具已经在中大城市的高档别墅或住房安装使用,不久的将来,这种方便、节能、无污染的绿色能源将成为紧俏商品将出现地在 超市或连锁店中。
Along with our country steps for energy and environmental governance, biomass pellet stoves have been in big city town house or housing to install and use, in the near future, this kind of convenient, energy saving, pollution-free green energy will become the item will appear in the supermarket or chain.
生物质燃料是利用农作物的玉米杆、麦草、稻草、花生壳、玉米芯、棉花杆、大豆杆、谷壳、杂草、树枝、树叶、锯末、树皮等固体废弃物为原料,经过粉碎、加压、增密、成型,成为小棒状固体颗粒燃料。颗粒燃料是在常温条件下利用压辊和环模对木屑、秸秆等原料进行挤压而制成的。原料的密度一般为 110-130kg/m3 左右,成型后的颗粒密度大于1100kg/m3 ,输送、储存极为方便,同时,其燃烧性能大为改善。
Biomass fuel is to use crops of corn stalk, wheat straw, rice straw, peanut shell, corn cob, cotton, soybean pole, chaff, weed, branches, leaves, sawdust, tree bark and other solid wastes as raw material, after crushing, pressing, dense, molding, become a small stick solid fuel. Pellet fuel is used under the conditions of the roller and ring die of sawdust, straw and other raw materials made by extruding. The density of material generally is about 110-130 kg/m3, the forming of the grain density is greater than 1100 kg/m3, easy transportation, storage, at the same time, greatly improve the combustion performance.
These integration content will be used in civil heating and life can use, because of his high fuel efficiency, ease of storage.
可能有些人不明白木质颗粒的市场概况,在现今木质颗粒在美国市场的小包装零售价格为 170美元/吨(2006年高达280美元);在瑞典的交货价格为150美元/吨(2006年高达250美元)。国内颗粒燃料市场还不完善,广东省木质颗粒批发价750-850元/吨(2006年高达1100元/吨),大连地区木质颗粒批发价为人民币700-750元/吨,农作物秸秆颗粒批发价为人民币430--600元/吨,北京地区约为人民币650元/吨。国家发改委生物质成型燃料发展规划提出,在2010年前,结合解决农村基本能源需要和改变农村用能方式,开展生物质颗粒燃料应用示范点建设 年消耗颗粒燃料 500万吨,代替300万吨煤 。到 2020年,使生物质颗粒燃料成为普遍使用的一种优质燃料。 年消耗颗粒燃料 5000万吨,代替3000万吨煤。
There may be some people don't understand the market situation of wood particles, in today's wood particles of small package in the us market retail price is $170 / ton (up to $280, 2006); In Sweden the delivery price is $150 / ton ($250) in 2006. Pellet fuel market in China is not perfect, the guangdong wood particles wholesale price 750-850 yuan/ton (up to 1100 yuan/ton, 2006), dalian wood particles wholesale price for 700-750 yuan/ton, crop straw particles wholesale price is RMB 430-600 yuan/tons, in the Beijing area is about 650 yuan/ton. The national development and reform commission, the straw briquette fuel development plan is put forward, in the 2010 years ago, combined to solve the basic rural energy needs and changing the mode of rural energy, carry out application demonstration site construction of biomass pellet fuel Instead of pellet fuel consumption of 5 million tons, 5 million tons of coal. By 2020, making biomass pellet fuel used widely in a high quality fuel. Instead of pellet fuel consumption of 50 million tons, 50 million tons of coal.
So the use of biomass pellet machine very accord with China's national conditions, can also be appropriate to alleviate the energy shortage problem in the world today!




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