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The benefits of using wood chips granules, a lot of customers don't understand, we will talk about today.
Sawdust pellet machine can use, can achieve very good effect, because it has a number of internal coordinates system, then for sawdust particles machine, it has its own internal feeding system, for it in this system, it for themselves also have certain requirements, first of all is it convenient to their feed.
很多人都知道木屑颗粒机在常温条件下利用各种原料进行挤压而制成的。原料的密度一般为 140kg/m左右,成型后的颗粒密度大于1200kg/m ,木屑颗粒中含有纤维素、半纤维素、木质素等。由于结构比较疏松,密度小,当受到外力后,原料将经历重新排列位置、弹性变形、机械变形、塑性变形阶段。
Many people know that the wood pellet machine at room temperature under the conditions of using various raw materials made by extruding. Raw material of the density of 140 kg/m or so commonly, after forming the grain density of more than 1200 kg/m, sawdust particles containing cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin, etc. Because structure is loose, density is small, after the impact, the raw material will rearrange the location, the elastic deformation, mechanical deformation and plastic deformation stage.
Burning of wood particles machine can be divided into four stages.
The first stage is the dehydration process of biomass, weightlessness in 10%
The second stage of this phase is biomass combustion of volatile matter and carbon, combustion of volatile matter and carbon concentration at 450 ℃ and 495 ℃ respectively. Weight loss should be controlled in 85%
The third phase of this phase is inorganic crystal transformation process. Material of the same chemical composition is occupied with different crystal type, low enthalpy amount within a certain range of crystal is the most stable. The same quality.
The fourth stage is the forming stage of the sawdust pellet machine.
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