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Biomass pellet machine with Tian Nong sawdust particles machine is fit for any biomass materials, such as pine, birch, poplar, fruit tree and crops straw into biomass fuels, etc. Strictly speaking for raw material moisture content was 15%, according to the requirement of coking and no other binder.
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Biomass granule diameter of course can change according to the requirement of the buyer. Used in combustion or barbecue and heating effect. Calorific value is about 4000 to 4000 calories, biomass pellet machine and sawdust particles often yield is 100 kg, 200 kg, 300 kg, 400 kg, 1000 kg, 2000 kg, a complete set of equipment can be divided into crushing, drying, granulation, cooling, screening, packing and so on steps, are all based on computer control automatic production. Biomass pellet machine is to use gear transmission system, with the ideal ratio drive torque, the characteristics of stable transmission, but also equipped with 6 ~ 10 Φ Φ between a variety of pore size and the thickness of the ring die, buyers can be selected according to different needs any, used to get the best technology and benefits. For mechanical damage to the manufacturer will repair in time, to give the buyer's trust in addition to artificial damage will have two years of quality assurance. So rest assured use.
生物质颗粒机型号为 MZLH420 的产量大概在每小时1.2吨到1.5t吨,主电机功率为90KW-132KW,压模内径大小为Ф420mm,有两个压辊,齿轮传动节能20%。可以加工农业废弃物,例如玉米、棉花的秸秆、牧草、瓜子壳、玉米芯,木材边的角料(刨花、木糠、木粉)。当使用的时候全宽开孔环模¢8mm达13排孔、压辊宽度145mm,超无敌。而且压辊每次只注一次油,吨油脂消耗不足五角钱这不是传说。
Biomass particle model number is probably MZLH420 output per hour in 1.2 t to 1.5 t t, main motor power of 90 kw to 132 kw, die inner diameter size for 420 mm Ф, there are two roller, gear transmission and energy saving 20%. Can processing agricultural waste, such as corn, cotton, straw, grass, sunflower seeds, corn cobs, wood side of the Angle of the chaff (wood shavings, wood, wood powder). When using whole wide open grommet die 13 ¢8 mm hole, roller width of 145 mm, super invincible. And press roll each note only one oil, tons of oil consumed less than fifty cents this is not a legend.




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