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Straw comprehensive exploitation and utilization of the construction socialism new countryside in our country, strengthen the rural environment protection is of great significance. The emergence of biomass pellet machine for atmospheric environment in our country to relieve stress.
Everyone know the dangers of burning, it will not only cause serious air pollution, produce the harmful gas of damage to each of our people's health, also it is easy to cause traffic accidents, road traffic and air safety. In addition, it may cause fire or damage to soil structure, resulting in a decline in soil organic matter and potential yield decreased. Crop straw is a kind of important biological resources, has the very high comprehensive utilization value, can cultivate edible fungi, producing biogas and as charcoal, building materials processing of raw materials. Can be used for biomass power generation, but also through the straw returned, wet compost of straw, straw gasification and practical technology for the comprehensive utilization, such as waste.
Biomass combustion particles
Prohibition of stalk is a major measure to protect the environment. And the processing of straw is top priority, but now the situation with the wide use of biomass pellet machine more powerful improved gradually. Dry peanut shell, cotton, maize straw and so on, these crops harvested the remainder of the seemingly useless incineration disposal, crop straw had been the ills of the rural environment comprehensive improvement.
Biomass pellet machine
And biomass pellet machine can effectively suppress the use of crop waste, suppression of biomass particles no pollution, use more efficient use of straw biomass pellet machine wood pellet fuel. Biomass pellet machine not only can promote farmers more cherish and make use of the limited of straw resources, but also by a new type of energy development and utilization of straw resources can effectively replace direct burning of straw and coal consumption, reduce the emissions of CO2 and SO2 in the rural energy consumption, reduce air pollution.




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