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Domestic pollution over the past two years, the people clamor for the protection of the environment, purify the sky rising. In response to the country to establish \"beautiful China\" call, our organization strategic partners, vigorously develop particles machine energy conservation and environmental protection.
Promoting new biomass pellet machine industry suppliers, dealers, buyers technical exchanges and cooperation, promote the development of China's energy conservation and emissions reduction. At present, the state has staged a series of policy measures to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction, efforts in various aspects, currently achieved positive results. Outlook \"much starker choices-and graver consequences-in\" the start of the implementation, our country needs to be done to carbon per unit of GDP in 2020 to 40% ~ 40% lower than in 2005, international commitments low-carbon targets, environmental indicators such as on prevention and control of atmospheric pollution. At the same time, during the period of \"much starker choices-and graver consequences-in\" is a crucial period for China to build a well-off society in an all-round way, China's GDP growth has been transferred to high-speed growth, in the process of the new normal, have entered a new stage of industrialization and urbanization, the economic transformation, energy transformation is also facing many difficulties, \"much starker choices-and graver consequences-in\" under the new situation, new energy saving carbon reduction target, has become the government, the enterprises to deepen reform, promote energy revolution, to adapt to the new situation science and perfect the policy of energy conservation and carbon reduction strategy adjustment. With low carbon, green, environmental protection and sustainable development path for the characteristics of the new particle machine industry has become the direction of future development in China, with the transformation of national industrial policy, energy conservation and environmental protection new pellet machine has become the key factor for enterprise sustainable development ability, having a profound impact on the development of new type of pellet machine.
Under this background, the stronger the guest team and advanced energy conservation and environmental protection technology, industry insiders to discuss for energy conservation and environmental protection enterprises and customers to build an annual one platform for the exchanges and cooperation of industry, promote the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry at home and abroad market.
As exhibition national influence has increased, exhibition activities will also be more international, same cover more energy conservation and environmental protection products and technology, at home and abroad to join hands in grain machine industry association, with stronger speaker lineup and industry insiders hold several supporting activities, to explore advanced energy conservation and environmental protection technology, build an annual one for energy conservation and environmental protection person BBS summit, promote new biomass pellet machine at home and abroad to the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry market.




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