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As countries to the development and utilization of new energy and biomass particles have been applied to various industries more and more, demand for biomass pellet machine is more and more big. Biomass granule rich raw material sources, such as crop stalks, crop waste, branches, bark, winery vinasse, cane sugar factory of bagasse can be used.
The development of the society cannot leave the energy, energy generation needs a process, N years to transform again. Biomass pellet machine can quickly put those raw materials, convert biomass particles instead of coal, oil and natural gas, biomass granule has the burning sulfur dioxide content is low, high calorific value, the environmental pollution is small, little harm to the health.
Energy is the lifeblood of a country, all countries in the world is in conflict with energy. Our country has vast rural resources, biomass pellet machine is the development of ecological agriculture, circular economy development, benefit the people of good projects. Biomass granule power density, high calorific value, put out, low capital and use of bento, convenient for storage and transportation, clean sanitation, after burning ash is a good fertilizer.
Beginning of autumn, closer to farmers harvest crops, the prohibition of the straw and to mention the form, the application of straw pellet machine more values, straw biomass straw pellet machine is processing, farmers pay good helper.
加大秸秆资源化利用力度,减少露天焚烧,近期我司会同农业部农业生态与资源保护总站组织遴选了秸秆 "五料化"利用技术。
Increase the intensity of straw resource utilization, reduce open burning, recently we jointly with the ministry of agriculture agricultural ecology and resource protection station organization to select the "five material change" using the technology of straw.
Please around agricultural administrative departments attach great importance to, and combined with local actual situation, intensify is suitable for the popularization and application technology, organization experts, agricultural technology personnel and new type of agricultural management main body to carry out the centralized training, extensive publicity, overall promote the comprehensive utilization of straw and prohibition of work, efforts to form farm is given priority to, multiple utilization, industrial development, regional use the pattern as a whole, and strive to achieve by 2020 the national goals and tasks of straw stalk comprehensive utilization rate of 85% or more.
In biomass energy development and utilization in our country faces the main problem is: scattered resources and high cost, less use of local raw material collection. Such as straw recycling, many people think that the straw before besides fertilizer, is a kind of waste, as countries has also intensified its efforts on environmental governance over the years, people gradually realized the great importance of straw recycle, the rational use of straw pellet machine equipment, makes the straw recycling gained popularity, straw resources development and utilization, implementing step by step.




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